Thursday, August 14, 2008

2008 Olympic Time Trial / Training for Grafton to Inverell

Individual Time Trial in Beijing

That was such a well deserved win for Fabian Cancellara. The Swiss man, like many in his CSC - Saxo Bank Team, has built such a good form this year and, this is my guess, with the main focus on assisting Carlos Sastre win the Tour de France. He had a great Paris-Roubaix race, a win in California, Tirreno-Adriatico, a couple more wins and then the Classicissima Milano-San Remo. And now, he will return from China with two medals - bronze and gold.

Gold this time

Training for Grafton-Inverell

After nine days off the bike, I am now back in training and somehow optimistic on my preparation to what it is said to be the toughest road race in Australia. It is easy to say that after a couple of days of riding on fresh legs but all I want to do is to build up some strength for the climb and endurance to last the distance (race details).

In fact, I started the training four weeks ago and got sick in the third week, second of my Build 1 period. After that, I was scheduled to have a Recovery week ( 9 days should be enough...) and get into Build 2 part of the program. That's where I find myself now, with lots of strength work and climbing to do.

1st ride: Wynn Road and Clear Mountain to test the legs

Dist.: 53 km
Time: 1:53
AvSp.: 28 km/h
MaxHR: 164 bpm

It was good to get out and do a bit of climbing, Clear Mountain is one of my preferred hills around here. So close to home as well. I can't remember how many times I have climbed the front of it with the two short steep punches. I am now hitting the back, which is longer and has different gradients, allowing for different types of exercises. Grind it on a big gear or spin up the hill on race speed. I love it!

2nd ride: Wynn Road, Dayboro, Ocean View (Mt Mee Road)

Dist.: 103 km
Time: 4:05
AvSp.: 25.3 km/h
MaxHR: 159 bpm
AvHR: 120 bpm

This was a great ride with Sandra, which doesn't happen very often these days because of my odd working hours and weekend shifts. We had planned to do a longer ride but decided to make it shorter so we could get home and watch a bit of the ITT in Beijing. With the change, I decided to do strength work by riding lots of kms on a big gear (40 kms of the undulating course including the 7 km climb).

Heading up Mt Mee road

I felt very comfortable the whole time but still, I felt the symptoms of my flu which affected my breathing slightly. On that, I did some research on the endurance supplement I am taking at the moment and found that it contains Cordyceps Simensis, a substance that has been noted as an immune system suppressant and Rhodiola, which might raise Rest Heart Rate. As I said before, I've had a flu for weeks now and have experienced the highest Rest Heart Rate in years...

I sent an e-mail to the manufacturer and have received a reply in which they recommend that I stop taking the supplement until my flu is completely gone. Then, start from scratch again. It is a shame because I have been feeling the benefits. In the Heart rate issue, they believe the supplement should give the opposite reaction. Time to do some experimenting again.

3rd ride: Airport Drive and Nundah Circuit

Dist.: 43.8 km

Time: 1:35

AvSpeed: 27 km/h

Today, I was back on the bike for a simple commute to work. Well, it was a bit of a challenge as well as the temperature was around - 15 degrees... Just kidding, but it felt like that. On the way home, I paired up with Stephen, a friend from work, and stopped at the Nundah circuit for a few easy laps. Did I say easy laps? Stephen is relatively new to racing but doesn't know how to ride a bike slow. The easy laps became sprint efforts. We were joined by Sandra a few laps later and the session just got harder (the competitive cyclist, I will call her).

In the evening, it was time for some superfood, Quinoa, and a glass of a new discovery in the Shiraz range, this one coming from McLaren Vale, South Australia. Delicious combination!!!

Just to finish tonight, I need to mention how good Sandra is getting with her snapshots. Since she bought her camera, she has taken hundreds (or thousands of shots?) and I can see heaps of improvement on photographic skills. Good subject also...

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