Saturday, June 26, 2010

Are pie vans on the side of the road dangerous to cyclists?

"It's a sunny Friday morning, I am on the road for an easy 1.5 hour ride, it is recovery week. Not much traffic, the schools are closed, and the legs feel rested, a perfect day, I tell myself.

Not for long as suddenly I hear the loud roar of an engine as the driver of a multi-wheeled truck drops a gear, or three. It warns me and it frightens me at the same time. I get out of the way and onto the gravel for a few meters.

It goes pass. But the driver swerves left and hits the breaks, hard! I go right, no choice, and hop back on the road. Lucky, there are no cars following. I ride pass in time to witness the corpulent driver struggling down the steps. I don't stop, or shout, and he rushes to the pie van on the side of the road."

It could have been ugly but I just kept riding in the sun...

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