Monday, May 25, 2009

Global Ride DVDs - a humble review

Last week, I was openly told about my time management skills: "They aren't the best!". Well, I have known that for a long time and chose to take it as a personal characteristic and not as a modern day calamity. It is a less stressful approach to life, I reckon, and might just be a healthier one too.
Now that I mentioned that, I can confess that the USPS parcel with the Global Ride DVDs arrived a "few weeks" ago. Not that I just put them aside - I was too excited about getting them to do that - so I did opened the package quickly and started playing the first DVD straight away. Then, there was a trip overseas, a bit of training, a couple of races, etc...

My first impression: I liked them! And from the week I received them, I started doing the Yoga sessions two to three times a week. Now, after going through them, I can write a little review and hope that it will assist someone wishing to purchase training DVDs. I wish I had received them six months ago...


The GlobalRide DVDs - Hawaii Rides

Let me start by saying that I haven't been overly keen to use training DVDs in the past and I have only tried a couple of them, made by some big manufacturer of wind trainers. The Global Ride DVDs, having been produced by a small production house and featuring a couple of familiar voices (let me surprise you there if you are in Brisbane), made me more interested. Another point of interest to me is the location where the rides took place - Hawaii. I am still a surfer by heart and the dream of surfing in Hawaii still comes up now and then.

At first, I didn't set up the bike on the trainer to try the DVDs. I had just returned to riding on the road after months and months of training on the wind-trainer and spinning on the rollers. So every chance I had, I just got on the road. Nevertheless, I chose to sit in the front of the TV set and watch them while doing my basic stretches and/or having my post-ride meals.

The first thing I liked about this three DVD set is the inclusion of the Strength, Pilates and Yoga training. They are a huge bonus! The sessions are well presented and easy to follow. The Pilates training is fairly new to me and I haven't done a lot of strength work in the past but I have done lots of Yoga and I can tell this session in the Maui Rollers DVD is what we, as cyclists, need after every training session on the bike.

It's also a plus to have the choices of trainers (voice-overs) in all of the DVDs. In fact, there are lots of choices when playing the DVDs and surely everyone will find something they like. Or even, no voice-over at all. While on the subject of sound, the music is good, motivating.

I found Italian coach Marzia Cozzolino the best as she guides through the sessions. Funny enough, I was expecting to learn a bit of Italian but Marzia only speaks English on the DVDs. With a lovely accent, I must add. Surely, some ladies could enjoy listening to coach Massimiliano. That's if they could find him, sorry, I couldn't. Something to be looked at by the folks at Global Ride.

Back with the music, I am not a music buff so there is a lot of stuff that I didn't know. So good, I can just play one of the DVDs and pump the volume a little to have nice music in the house.

View of my TV set

Another good feature on the three DVDs is the slide-show set up for the warm-up so you don't get thrown into the hard part straight away. The photographs are beautiful and get you in the right mood for the training, or packing and buying a ticket to Hawaii.

Photo of my TV set

Kissed by Morning Rain is one of my favourite sessions but I would prefer not to have the rain drops on the lens. For the purist, it makes it very realistic, so "grab your light weight rain jacket"... The scenery is beautiful.

As they come in a package of three, there are lots of choices and great rides to keep anyone motivated during the winter months and rainy days. Not just that, for those days that we don't have the time, the DVDs will make a quick session on the rollers more fun.

Now, for my next holiday, I won't just take my surfboards to Hawaii, I will be taking my bike as well!!

Thanks to the folks at Global Ride!


Mike J said...

I'd like to check those DVDs out. I like the fact that you can change the voices on the DVDs. I've almost got the one DVD that I own memorized.

AMR said...

Hi Mike,

Check them out!
We are planning to do the strength work with the DVDs now.


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