Friday, January 30, 2009

2009 Tour Down Under Video

My TDU project is finished.

Initially, I wanted to write a long post, starting with my flight(thanks Virgin Blue!), my meeting with my mate Phil, the party at Stephen and Jane's, the South Australian sea and landscape, the wines and gourmet cheeses of the Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale and the Barossa, and naturally: the stages of the Tour Down Under.

I wanted to write about everything but that would have been a very long post, perhaps too long. And perhaps too personal as a lot of this journey had to do with my return to Adelaide after almost 16 years.

Hence, the decision to put together a video with some of the images of the trip. I just hope that it gives an idea of the TDU itself and what a great experience it was.

Enjoy it!


Colin said...

Congratulations on the compilation.

Some great shots and the video footage showed a different perspective from what we see on TV. I particular liked the crowd shot in stage 4 at 3 min 25 secs of the crowd with te cyclists in the background - very Euro shot.

Thanks for sharing

AMR said...

Thanks for your commemt Colin.
It was a fantastic event. The crowds and the festive atmosphere made it even better. Sandra and I are already planning next year's trip, with Lance or no Lance...

Chris said...

I would have like to be there!

It looks like they are hammering up that hill - unless you sped up the replay :)

AMR said...

They were. Did you notice who was driving the bunch on the first climb?

What about the Tour of California? That's going to be huge!!!

kelvin newman said...

looking forward to watching this

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